Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art. The three-part word is made up of Tae, Kwon and Do, which literally means foot, fist and way.

This has given rise to several possible spellings. The two most common are Taekwondo, which is mainly used by full-contact practitioners, and Taekwon-Do.

The latter spelling is used by traditional, classical associations that emphasize personality and social skills. This includes the Traditional Taekwon-Do Centers. Our interpretation of the Do of this Korean martial art is that of the Way as a way of life.


The history of our association

The leaders of our association are a group of self-responsible Taekwon-Do masters in Germany who have been direct students of System Grandmaster Kwon Jae-Hwa for around 20 years and have been training and teaching in the Kwon Jae-Hwa system for 20 to even over 30 years.

After the end of Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa's association work on December 31, 2013, they set themselves the goal of preserving and further developing the original ideas of traditional Taekwon-Do in Germany.

They have come together in a Grandmaster Council to coordinate the measures for achieving these goals and to develop perspectives for the future of traditional Taekwon-Do in Germany. On September 27, 2014, our community founded a non-profit association and club: The Traditional Taekwon-Do Centers e. V.

In order to create a future-proof and sustainable structure for traditional Taekwon-Do in the long term, we felt it was necessary to establish a non-profit association. The non-profit status was only granted to the association after intensive examination because the membership fees are used in full for traditional Taekwon-Do and no one makes private profits from the fees, as is often the case in other "so-called associations". Large events are organized (training courses, tournaments, international country fights and Taekwon-Do galas - for example in Munich's Zirkus Krone Bau). Although the Grandmaster Council and many other members have their roots in Kwon, Jae-Hwa Taekwon-Do, we welcome all traditional Taekwon-Do schools that feel at home in the old Chang-Hon form system (Hyong), which was shaped in Germany primarily by people such as Grandmaster Kwon, Jae-Hwa, Grandmaster Son, Jong-Ho, Grandmaster Song, Chae-Yong and many other German grandmasters.

We look forward to every contact and will always do our best to explore the possibilities of a successful path into a great Taekwon-Do future together.